End-to-end solutions for equipment and specialized lending that cater to every stage in the lending cycle.


Whether you lend to businesses that finance or lease equipment or large vehicles, or your organization sells them and finances them in-house, we have you covered. We are able to support the search, registration, and discharges of your liens as well as assist you in the recovery process should you need to realize on your security.

Why Do Equipment and Specialized Lenders Use Our Collateral Management Solutions?

Search and register liens on a wide range of collateral, including large vehicles, equipment from the farm, manufacturing, healthcare, and restaurant industries, and more.

Have a single point of contact managing all stakeholders through the recovery process.

Know more about the assets being pledged as collateral.

Locate and recover assets through access to enhanced resources.

Gain the ability to better scale resources.

Mitigate risk.

Which Types of Equipment and Specialized Lenders Use Our Collateral Management Solutions?

SBA lenders


Finance companies


Automotive – captive and fleet

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Solutions for Equipment and Specialized Lending

Registry Solutions

Lien search and registration.

Discharge liens and mortgages.

Corporate searches.

Additional registry solutions.

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Recovery Services

Moveable property recovery and remarketing.

Insolvency management.

Unsecured recoveries.

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