We provide you with a centre of excellence for both secured and unsecured recovery activities. These solutions enable recoveries to be coordinated through a single point of contact. This allows efficiency to be improved, operating costs to be reduced, and time spent on non-core administrative activities to be minimized.


Recover losses while safeguarding your reputation. We manage the activities involved in recovering assets on defaulted loans, coordinate the necessary stakeholders (lawyers, trustees, bailiffs, and more), and ensure that you comply with the varying jurisdictional regulations governing recovery. We help you manage this complex process effectively, which safeguards your reputation while you recover your losses.

Through extensive expertise in recovery management, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the complex regulatory environment, we empower you to operate in compliance with federal and provincial legislative requirements — including non-regulatory industry data security standards, such as PCI.

Our Services

Moveable Property

Moveable property recovery and remarketing

  • Fully-managed solution for the recovery and liquidation of moveable property.
  • Industry standard marketplace reporting.
  • RepoHighway.com technology platform.
  • Market leaders, servicing Canada’s leading automotive lenders.
Insolvency Management

Insolvency management

  • Fully-managed solution for overseeing insolvency portfolios (bankruptcy, consumer proposal, credit counselling services, and more).
  • Industry standard marketplace reporting.
  • BankruptcyHighway.com technology platform.
  • Market leaders, servicing multiple tier-one financial institutions.
Unsecured Recoveries

Unsecured recoveries

  • Technology and managed services to optimize unsecured recovery programs.
  • Consolidate agencies and strategies and standardize performance measurement.
  • CollectionHighway.com technology platform.
Real Property Recovery

Real property recovery

  • Technology to enhance power of sale, foreclosure, and other mortgage enforcement processes.
  • Connect your network of suppliers in a centralized operating environment.
  • LitigationHighway.com, PropertyHighway.com, and InsuranceHighway.net technology platforms.

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